Six Impossible Things

And the winners are...

After what seemd like months, but was of course only days, the circle emerged triumphant from the Wandering Games. In a virtual sweep, they won nearly all events between them, claiming the lion’s share of faerie treasures. Chief among their trinkets is the coveted Wyldstar, a gem that can capture any dream and make it real whenever the holder wishes. The circle burned the anima totem of the Sorcerer of Adamant into it, thus securing one of the keys to the Fivefold Door.

Of note, the circle encountered, defeated and shamed another of the strange new type of Exalt. He bore strange symbols reminiscent of Malfeas and of Hell, and seemed particularly vulnerable to the priests’ demon-killing radiance. Much as the Deathlords corrupted Solar essences, evidence is mounting that the Yozi Lords have done the same.

The circle also made an unexpected ally: the Man of Brass, a sentient Brass Legionaire who has enlisted their help in securing a Factory Cathedral manse deep in the southern desert. When it has the hearthstone in hand, it has pledged to forge an elite unit of Brass Legionaires to fight under the circle’s banner, so long as the cause is just.

The circle boarded their airship and departed the Games, bound for the deep desert.

The Wandering Games

After escaping from the jaws of the Dragon, in fact fleeing just ahead of a legion of the Wyld Hunt itself, the circle returned to Peace of Stone. After perhaps a week of resting and tending to matters at home, they set out once more, this time in search of a piece of the key to the Fivefold Door. Their search led them to the Wandering Games, a truce ground of the Fair Folk, a market, and a series of competitions designed to test mortal and Exalt alike.

Thus far, the circle has entered and won most events, collecting a hoard of faerie trinkets and oddments. The Grand Melee still looms large before them however, and other circles covet the prize as much as they…


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