Ascendant Ivy Tower (Level 1 Wood Manse)

Ascendant Ivy Keep (Wood Manse 1)

6L/9B external soak, 3L/6B internal soak

20 levels of damage before Power Failure

Description: Located in a ruined neighborhood in the Firewander district, Ascendant Ivy Tower shows life can thrive anywhere. Blasted out during a battle between Anathema and the Wyld Hunt centuries ago, this area was never rebuilt. The Tower was fashioned from local essence flows and tucked away in the overgrown vegetation that was slowly creeping over every surface of the area. The keep itself is constructed of trellised ivy, shaped trees, and the occasional stone wall to support it all. The hearthroom is a roughly spherical depression in the center of the ruins and is completely overgrown with ivy and flowering plants. When the hearthstone bearer requests it, the plants containing the information they desire flower and glow faintly, opening and closing as they read. Involved topics might require a lengthy stroll around the grounds, stopping to read each plant in turn, moving from one glow to the next.

Hearthstone: Stone of Healing (p. 383, Exalted core) – This stone grants the bearer 3 dice to all Medicine rolls. ((GM’s note: I believe Resplendent Nap Time Bear has this hearthstone with him still. While the circle is still attuned to the manse, and it is still part of the network attached to Bonefire Court, the hearthstone is not available to the group at this time.))

4 construction points (rating x 2 + 2 drawback)

Maintenance – X
Fragility – 1 (While the manse itself is sturdy, the reliance on vegetative control surfaces means it is subject to damage.)
Habitability – 1 (Ascendant Ivy Keep is sheltered, but has little in the way of convenience.)


Network Node (1) – Ascendant Ivy Keep is linked to other manses through this power.

Archive (2) – Each blooming plant hides a genetically encoded library, each surface covered in climbing vines reveals some aspect of this archive. Encoded into the manse are the teachings of the Immaculate Order (Lore) and a treatise on the tactics of the Wyld Hunt (War/Lore). These act as specialties and grant a +1 to all related rolls. These records are accessible from the Central Control of Bonefire Court.

Magical Convenience (1) – A small collection of features that do not count as a full power.

Lighting – Ascendant Ivy Keep has clusters of luminescent fungus that light up when attuned users approach.

Fresh Fruit – While it cannot solely provide for a group, it can provide light refreshment for a small group once per day.

Ascendant Ivy Tower (Level 1 Wood Manse)

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