Bonefire Court (Level 4 Fire Manse)

Bonefire Court (Fire Manse 4)

12L/18B external soak, 6L/12B internal soak

80 levels of damage before Power Failure

Description: Bonefire Court is the heart of a hidden network of manses scattered across Nexus. Sitting proudly in plain view (to the hearthstone bearer) on what appears to be a bramble covered hill in a park in the Nexus district of the city, Bonefire Court serves as the central control for all manses in its network. According to the stories on its walls when it was rediscovered, it was created to be home away from home for a circle of outcaste Immaculate monks. They heroically stood up to the corruption of the Empress and were cast from the order. They formed a sworn brotherhood and took well to their exile, fashioning a this network of monastic retreats in Nexus, and incidentally safely capping some of the less reliable demenses that were causing trouble in the city. Bonefire Court itself is an immensely powerful manse that is nevertheless almost uninhabitable to anyone other than a Fire-aspected being. Bare stone, overpowering heat and uncomfortable proportions make this manse ideal for monastic contemplation or training, but not as a home.

Hearthstone: Candent Carbuncle (p. 94, BoS 3) – The bearer can make any weapon he owns burst into flame as a reflexive action. This adds +4L to the weapon’s damage, and the weapon can ignite flammable material as well as a lit torch. This works equally well for unarmed fighters (the bearer’s hands are engulfed in flame) and ranged attackers (all arrows fired, all weapons thrown, etc). Weapons continue to burn for 5 ticks after leaving the bearer’s hands. In addition, both the bearer and the weapons become immune to these flames, and the bearer gains +5 to all soak against fire, whether it’s bashing, lethal or aggravated. (This does not include essence based effects that only mimic fire, but does include elemental fire from supernatural sources, such as a Fire-aspected Dragon Blooded’s anima power.)

10 construction points (rating x 2 + 2 drawback)

Maintenance – X
Fragility – X
Habitability – 2 (Bonefire Court is not intended for long term habitation, but as a monastic retreat. As a training ground and war room it is superb, but it can house only a few in bare stone surroundings with no provisions made for comfort. The bonefire itself produces a good deal of heat and this permeates the entire structure. It is uncomfortable at best to anyone who isn’t a Fire-aspected creature and not conducive to long term habitation because of it.)


Network Node (1) – Bonefire Court is linked to its satellite manses through this power.

Central Control (2) – The control room allows attuned users to access systems in this manse and others networked to it. This includes, at the time of this writing, the illusions and training rooms of the Court, as well as the archives of the Manor and Hall.

Well-Favored Aspect (1, Fire) – If a Fire-aspected being possesses the hearthstone, every action is assisted by the manse. All actions within the manse are made at +1.

Glorious Halo of Hesiesh (1 due to Fire aspect) – The manse can project illusions close to real life anywhere within its walls. These cannot mimic life exactly (1 success on a Perception + Investigate or Awareness roll is all that is required to tell they are illusions) but can provide scenery, distractions and targets in the training rooms, maps from the networked archive, visual aids to planning sessions or anything else an attuned individual in the control room desires.

Greater Veil of Shadows (4) – The manse is hidden from all but attuned users (save when the 5 keys in the satellite locations are turned at the same time). The geomancy of the place so subtly turns senses away that for all non-tactile senses that for all intents and purposes the manse simply isn’t there, and the land where it is appears normal from the outside. Anything within is perfectly hidden unless one were to literally stumble over it. The only thing this geomancy cannot hide is an anima banner that can be seen from up to a spear’s cast away (eg: a Solar who has spent 11+ motes of peripheral essence). This veil can be pierced by supernatural senses, but only with difficulty.

Magical Convenience (1) – Minor magical touches that do not qualify as full powers.

Artificial Lighting – Any time an attuned visitor enters a room, banks of torches spring to life. These can be manually turned off with a touch.

Training Rooms – The manse comes complete with several training rooms for all types of martial training. These rooms contain magic targets and training dummies that move, take cover, and fight back, as well as terrain that is variable based on the attuned user’s needs. There is even a large scale model room with miniature representations of troops to practice mass combat tactics. All settings can be customized from the control room.

Bonefire Court – The central room, from which the manse takes its name, houses an eternal bonefire built to a towering height. Bones of all shapes and sizes burn eternally instead of wood, and the fire is several yards across and leaps at least 10 feet high. It provides heat and light for the entire manse (indeed, too much heat). In addition, the bones serve as the memory unit for the Roll of Deeds and the manse itself.

Roll of Deeds – stories told around the bonefire will find their way into the murals that adorn the walls of the Court. The decoration will slowly shift to reflect the stories told to the bones.

Bonefire Court (Level 4 Fire Manse)

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