Charred Bones (Level 1 Air Manse)

Charred Bones (Air Manse 1)

12L/18B external soak, 6L/12B internal soak
20 levels of damage before Power Failure

Charred Bones is a shattered ruin, showing signs of much use, repair, and damage. Explorers who have rediscovered the ruins over the years see evidence that it has been inhabited and repaired haphazardly, with a multitude of architectural styles, and that none come close to completion. Mighty battles have been fought here as well, accounting for the destruction that seems to visit this place regularly.

Hearthstone: Memory Stone (p. 85, BoS 3) – The bearer has a perfect memory. With a Perception + Awareness roll the bearer may even recall details after the fact that went unnoticed at the time. These memories begin to fade if the bearer’s attunement to the Memory Stone lapses for more than 24 hours.

2 construction points (rating x 2)
Maintenance – X
Fragility – X
Habitability – X

Network Node (1) – You have discovered an active Network Node in one of the upper chambers. Information about what it connects to has not yet been forthcoming.

Essence Vents (1) – Deep in an old growth forest a few hundred miles into Haltan territory lie the ruins of a once great structure. Charred Bones appears to sit on a demense more powerful than its manse rating can handle. Sometime in its past it was destroyed, possibly several times. No records have turned up detailing what this place was, but whatever it was, it clearly isn’t that now. Some past owner has managed to channel some of the demense overflow safely, limiting the danger to the surrounding area. Ghost lights flicker in the trees around the manse, Saint Elmo’s Fire dances along many exposed surfaces, ball lightning wanders the shattered halls and ruined chambers. Anyone coming into contact with this barely channeled Essence overflow suffers 20L/action for as long as they stay in contact. (hence the name, as charred bones are usually one of the first sights to greet the newest discoverer of this manse)

(Note: Charred Bones is barely functional as a manse at the moment. The Essence Vents protect the surrounding region from a completely uncapped demense and the wild essence radiation this generates, but it also prevents exploration deeper into the ruin. A concerted effort to repair the manse with a skilled occult architect and a few tons of jade (or the appropriate Solar circle spell) would be required to safely cap the demense and open up the mysteries of Charred Bones)

Charred Bones (Level 1 Air Manse)

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