Hungry Mountain Drowning (Level 3 Solar Manse)

Hungry Mountain Drowning (Solar Manse 3)

6L/12B external soak, 3L/6B internal soak
30 levels of damage before Power Failure

Hungry Mountain Drowning used to be known as the Golden Library of Li Shiu, but has come to be known by its location rather than its function. Immaculate propaganda twisted the sacred mountain Sishui into the cursed Hungry Mountain. The heroic and desperate last stand of the mountain’s guardian Li Shui became the death of just another Anathema, a demon heroically destroyed by the Immaculate Order. The story says that his vengeance still lingers at the top of the mountain, and the locals believe it: no one who ventures to the top of the mountain ever returns.

Hearthstone: Gem of Grace (p. 384, Exalted core) This cloudy white sphere grants the bearer +2 dice to Charisma and Manipulation rolls provided the affected being can see the bearer.

7 construction points (rating x 2 + 1 drawback)
Maintenance – X
Fragility – 1 (while comfortable and beautiful, a disconnected glass palace underwater and reaching down into an active volcano is not the most sturdy construction)
Habitability – X

Puzzle Manse (3) – Hungry Mountain Drowning is situated in the depths of a caldera at the top of Sishui, a mountain at the edge of a range that reaches into the River Province, north of Great Forks. A small cave on the shore serves as the entrance of the manse. Puzzle Manses have their essence flows cut and looped, ensuring the internal geometry does not match the external structure. Those spending the night in the bare stone cave on the shores of the lake will awaken to find themselves in a grand entryway at the heart of the caldera, deep underwater. The glassy walls of the crater, melted smooth and reflective in the last eruption serve to focus sunlight into the ubiquitous skylights, providing a flickering and otherworldly glow to the strange disconnected rooms. An attuned owner bearing the hearthstone may speak command words (phrases praising the Unconquered Sun and glorifying the history of the Solar Deliberative) to forge a path within the manse, including moving into or out of the entryway without having to sleep first. (Navigating the manse without the hearthstone requires a Intelligence + Lore roll difficulty 6, -1 per scene spent studying a single room)

Archive (2) – Part library and part chapel, the fabled Golden Library of Li Shui is a glorious hymn to the Unconquered Sun. The light of the sun filtered and flickering from above, the heat of the heart of the Earth below and golden tablets all around etched in secrets of the First Age. Near the heart of the mountain, this is the deepest of the chambers of the manse and is held in balance, fire below and water above. Lighting systems powered by collection crystals ensure the clean bright sunlight suffuses the Golden Library at all hours. (The archive contains detailed information on many subjects and grants +1 die to all information-based First Age History (Lore), Essence Manipulation (Occult) and Solar Unarmed Styles (Martial Arts) rolls.). The library also serves as the hearthroom of the manse.

Comfort Zone (2) – A great deal of work has gone into keeping the manse comfortable and habitable. The Comfort Zone extends to all inhabitants and keeps oxygen flowing, volcanic temperatures low, and light at a comfortable level. The manse can even provide pure water, but no food. It even cleans up after itself, scrubbing away the many corpses of those who fell asleep in the cave and woke up to wander the halls until they starved to death.

Hungry Mountain Drowning (Level 3 Solar Manse)

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