Longshadow Keep (Level 4 Air Manse)

Longshadow Tower (Air Manse 4)

12L/18B external soak, 6L/12B internal soak

80 levels of damage before Power Failure

Description: Longshadow Keep seems little more than a derelict tower of blue-black stone, locked tight and falling to ruin, perched precariously on Sentinel’s Hill. The courtyard shows no door or apparent means of access, while the interior of the tower is little more than open, echoing space, steep stairways with no rails, and unexpected open gaps. The hearthroom is at the top of the tower, open to the sky, and centered in the control room. The control room itself is cold no matter the season or time of day, and displays information about the manse’s surroundings and inhabitants on ice crystal displays.

Hearthstone: Stone of Airwalking (p. 88, BoS 3) The bearer of this hearthstone can walk on air as easily as the ground. As long as her feet are under her, she can walk over the surface of water (or lava, vitriol, etc) by walking on a layer of air over it. The bearer can even carefully climb up into the air as if walking up stairs. However, if the bearer trips or falls, she can still fall to her death. A Dex + Athletics roll, difficulty 3 is required to get her feet back under her. This power only affects the bearer, no other individuals or mounts can benefit from it.

10 construction points (rating x 2 + 2 drawback)

Maintenance – X
Fragility – X
Habitability – 2 (Longshadow Tower is open to the elements at the top and while it has several “floors”, they are open and without railings. It serves as a monastic retreat and workspace rather than living quarters.)


Network Node (1) – Longshadow Tower is linked to other manses through this power.

Central Control (2) – This control room allows attuned users to access and control the functions of Longshadow Tower. Ice crystal surfaces seem to glow with an inner light and display sharp analytical data to attuned users.

Zone of Influence (3) – The manse can extend its senses out to roughly 800 yards beyond its walls.

Analytical Senses (3) – The manse can analyze essence patterns within the range of its senses and display them in the control room. The manse can analyze Obvious charms, and learn the capabilities of artifacts unprotected by wards or other such enchantments. Most importantly it can analyze the invisible designs of the soul, noting each person’s Essence rating, spiritual nature, and occult alignment, including taints from Wyld or demonic sources. Linked with the Central Control, it can be ordered to analyze individuals within range and report its findings.

Well Favored Aspect (1) – Any entity of Air aspect gains a +1 to all rolls made within the manse.

Longshadow Keep (Level 4 Air Manse)

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