Peace of Stone (Level 3 Earth Manse)

Peace of Stone is the name of a town North of Nexus, resting comfortably along the edge of a small river in the northern region of the Confederation of Rivers.

Before the circle came to Peace of Stone it was known locally simply as Peace. The town was the site of a highly profitable mine. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants, the town was also the site of a powerful Earth demesne. As the miners took more from the ground, the demesne grew more and more unstable. The earthquakes had been going on for months when the circle arrived.

When the circle arrived, the mines had been abandoned as too dangerous, and monsters had moved in. The circle swept the mines clear, and then set about designing a manse to stabilize the region. Leaving the plans in the hands of one of their ghostly retainers, and funneling their excess loot to finance the manse, Peace of Stone was soon a thriving community again, complete with a stable Earth manse at its heart.


14L/21B external soak, 7L/14B internal soak

75 levels of damage before Power Failure

Hearthstone: Jewel of the Master’s Hand (p. 90 BoS 3) – +4 bonus to Craft (Earth) rolls, +2 to all other Craft (Element) rolls, +1 to all other Craft rolls.

7 construction points (rating x 2 + 1 drawback)

Maintenance – 1 (Peace of Stone is an active mine, and as such the manse must be periodically retuned, roughly once a season.)
Fragility – X (standard 12L/18B external soak, 6L/12B internal, 20xrating damage before Power Failure.)
Habitability – X (Completely habitable.)

Armored (3pt power, p. 71 BoS 3) – 14L/21B external, 7L/14B internal, constructed of thick granite. The Earth aspect of the manse and strong stone of the area lend Peace of Stone incredibly tough walls. (This power is not lost during Power Failure)

Fortress (3pt Earth power, p.73) – Manse is fortified (drawbridge, high walls, a moat, etc), and has three hazards (see p. 247 2e core) equal to the manse’s rating. Also has 25xrating damage before Power Failure. (This power is not lost during Power Failure)

Magical Convenience (1pt power, p. 67) – As Peace of Stone is intended to serve as the focal point for a living village as well as a manse, it has been configured to help the villagers. It has automated kitchen facilities that will prepare food if given raw materials. It has integrated wells and plumbing, and most chambers have clusters of candles that spring to life on command.

Comfort Zone (1pt power, p.66) – As above, this is an inhabited manse. It is always pleasant within Peace of Stone, and even the deepest mine beneath is supplied with clean air and stable walls. Deaths of miners are all but unheard of now.

Peace of Stone (Level 3 Earth Manse)

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