Realm Civil War

The factions:

Mnemon – She has a blood claim to the throne as eldest (surviving) daughter of the Scarlet Empress, has ruthlessly built up alliances and support among the most powerful houses, is a master sorceress, commands demons and elementals as well as tens of thousands of soldiers in her personal guard alone. She has the strongest claim but her unforgiving nature and merciless climb to the top has alienated many who would otherwise support her. She holds sway among the powerful and influential, but is out of touch with the common man.

The Roseblack – Tepet Ejava, or the Roseblack as she is more commonly known as, is the leader of the Vermillion Legion. The Roseblack is, on the surface, an odd choice for the throne. She doesn’t want it, she never sought it and has in fact actively avoided claiming it for much of the last several years. She has spent most of her time away from the Blessed Isle on one military campaign or another and with each victory, and each reward from the regent, her popularity has grown. After Mnemon manipulated events to try to shame her into exile however, the Roseblack left the Isle, beginning to see what the Empire would be like under Mnemon. she has built her support among the Scavenger Lands, and populist uprisings on the Blessed Isle show that she holds sway in the hearts and minds of the people there too.

Regent Fokuf – Tepet Fokuf, the current regent sitting upon the Throne, barely rates a mention. He was selected by the Houses as regent for his utter incompetence and indolence, as each and every House assumed they could control him and thereby the Throne. He holds sway primarily among the lesser bureaucrats of the Realm.

Current state of the war:

The Realm is boiling over. There have been skirmishes and uprisings all over the Blessed Isle, but it has not devolved into outright warfare yet. The Roseblack has begun to make preparations to land on the Isle, and Mnemon has bulked up coastal defenses.

The recent redeployment of hundreds of members of the Wyld Hunt, complete with dozens of warstriders and airships, to the Imperial Mountain has sped up the dissolution into chaos. In many places, the Immaculate Order keeps the peace. With the emergency redeployment, dozens of towns found themselves without their magistrates, sifu and governors. Demonstrations, riots and looting, as well as a few outright battles between supporters of the Roseblack and Mnemon followed soon thereafter. Once again, the Anathema bring nothing but war, chaos and death to the good people of the Realm.

Realm Civil War

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