Serene Lightning's note

Well done! You have done an impossible thing. Only five more to go.

As you no doubt suspect, you have been gone for more than a year. If my divination is accurate, you will return early on the day following the end of Calibration. I have gone to Yu Shan with my granddaughter to attempt to reclaim her soul.

After you left, I awaited word of your success or failure. When my granddaughter returned and told me of what occurred, we both journeyed to Peace of Stone. When I saw the blight left by your battle I despaired, but your people had begun to rebuild and clear the filth left by the undead hordes. I aided as I could and hope that your lands will remain healthy until you return to tend them.

When I realized you might be gone longer than anticipated, I begun to prepare for my own journey. First, I attempted to read the auguries to determine if Nexus would be standing when I returned. (A quirk I picked up after I left Thorns for a fortnight a few years back, usually no more than a mere formality.) To my surprise, it won’t be.

What was even more surprising was that, as far as Heaven is concerned, there is no cause to the destruction. I cast a wide net at that point and foresaw much chaos and destruction in Creation in the coming years. I did what divination I could, and then I took the step to summon Zsofika, the Kite Flute, Messenger Soul of Jacint, Prince Upon the Tower, known as Eighteenth Soul of Adorjan, the Silent Wind. Once she had concluded her hunt, I bound her as tightly as I knew how and still she resisted. I wrung the attached prophecy from her. I intended to question her further, but with a blaze of sickening essence I found myself facing the demon’s Yozi oversoul. I have seen it happen, but never like this. Needless to say, no more answers were forthcoming from the Silent Wind. (Oh and Lady Kaia: I set the demon on a slaver I know of for her ritual hunt. It is good when one evil can be set upon another in times of extremity.)

I am unwilling to wait another year before reclaiming the soul of my descendant. I have followed in your footsteps and gone to redeem her soul in Yu Shan. If my divination is accurate, I have left just days before your return.

I have pieced the attached foretelling together from the mad ravings of my demon prophet, before she was destroyed by the fury of Hell. I have also supplemented the prophecy where I could with my own best guesses, though I caution you that any guess about prophecy is almost as dangerous as no action at all. Remain vigilant.

I would ask that you shoulder this task with the ferocity and cunning with which you have faced your other trials but I suspect that won’t be necessary. You have grown much since we first met, asking me to translate some wyld-touched bit of faerie lore. I have no doubt that you are the heroes Creation needs.

I would also like to remind you that if we face a Lawgiver-turned-akuma, you have only until the next Calibration to face this threat. A sorcerer with the power to summon a Third Circle demon and the infernal will to set it free on Creation would be a danger unheard of in this age of sorrows. Jacint’s battle with the Emissary in the skies over Nexus would pale in comparison to what a determined sorcerer with the mightiest souls of the Yozi at his side could accomplish.

PS: While you’re in Nexus, would you look in on Matron Milna? She is a friend of mine who complained of rats in her cellar. I promised to send someone to help her just as soon as I could. You can find her on Sentinel Hill, near an entrance to the Undercity.

Serene Lightning's note

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