Six Impossible Things prophecy and interpretation

The question I asked, pointedly, was “What must be done to safeguard Nexus between now and the next Calibration.” I believe that the numbered elements are the answer to that question. The ravings at the beginning and end I append but cannot vouch for as they were a spontaneous outburst.

Soon Creation will burn in golden fire and demon rage. The Eye stirs, and even closed its terrible power will set the rivers alight. Only by six impossible tasks shall the Sorcerer of Adamant be slain, and the rivers spared his Judgment.

I. Only a Circle bonded through trial, only those who could stand against the wrath of the Neverborn and see a Deathknight accepted as Lawgiver once more could find the foe.

II. Only a Circle that could restore a wonder of the First Age to Creation and raise from ruin the lost gift of flight could challenge the foe.

III. Only a Circle that could steal knowledge unearned from the jaws of the dragon could unmask the foe.

IV. Only a Circle that could master a spell lost to the ages could run the foe to ground.

V. Only a Circle that could walk the roads beyond Creation and bring back a miracle, a wonder, a dream, a shadow and a curse could pass the Fivefold Door to reach the foe.

VI. And only a Circle that would raise their banner and lead the rivers to war could hope to wrest the Eye from the Sorcerer of Adamant.

Creation will burn! The Lotus will crumble, petals choking on exalted blood! Rivers will flood with the dead, the wind will burn and traitor Gaia will die, impaled on the Sword of Hell! The Sun will falter and burn out and all of Creation will be darkened under the Shadow! He is imperfect no more! Hope is extinguished like a candle and the Black Spiral blots out Fate and encompasses the Pole!

It was at this point that the Yozi mind took hold of its lesser soul. I faced Adorjan herself and the Silent Wind is cold indeed. She studied me in silence for the hour it took her mind to burn her lesser servitor to stinking char, never once uttering a sound. She studied me in that hour, and I fear what she might have learned. The prophetic ravings of a demon seeress about the end of Creation and the triumph of Hell paled in comparison to the Silent Wind’s cold contemplation of my mortal shell.

Interpretation and conjecture of Serene Lightning:

I. So far, so good, assuming you survive and return intact.

II. Note the word choice here. Lookshy, the Realm and some of the Northern city-states all have functioning aerial fleets, but the creature did not say “steal”, “borrow” or “earn”. Perhaps there is a ruined skyship somewhere, untouched, just waiting for a determined circle to restore it to its former glory. Perhaps the Sorcerer is weak against aerial assault, or perhaps he has chosen a particularly inaccessible mountain peak or well defended island for his stronghold.

III. It sounds as if necessary information on the Sorcerer, or his plans or previous incarnations, is available in some form. While there are numerous places to look for forbidden lore, the phrase “jaws of the dragon” almost certainly means the Blessed Isle. Unfortunately, the best place I can think of to look for lore of the First Age and previous incarnations of a given Lawgiver is somewhere in the ruins of Meru, the old capital, on the slopes of the Imperial Mountain itself.

IV. Sperimin and the Book of Three Circles? That would be the most likely place to find lost sorcerous knowledge of the Adamant Circle. Raksi problematic. The spell itself sounds like some form of binding. An all-encompassing containment spell powerful enough not to be countered or circumvented by a sorcerer who has mastered the Circle of Adamant is unheard of in my experience, but the Book of Three Circles and Sperimin itself would be a good place to look for it.

V. Clearly wherever he is, he is behind a powerful protective barrier. Unlocking the Fivefold Door may require five components. If you learn more as to the nature of the threat, you might look for relics, folklore, and legend associated with it. A miracle sounds like Heaven, and a dream would be easiest to collect with Wyld-shaping or a Fair Folk craftsman in the Wyld. If this is the model, “beyond Creation” might also mean travel to Malfeas, the Underworld, Elsewhere.

VI. If the title is not simply grandiloquent boasting, this is a problem. If “the Eye” refers to the Eye of Autochthon and the sorcerer’s title is not hyperbole, the Confederation of Rivers could be facing a Lawgiver who has mastered the Circle of Adamant and who wields the most potent artifact known in creation. Bragash Kol, Lord Viridian.

I am sorry I am unable to give you more guidance in this. You have done well so far. I trust you to do what you can to keep Creation safe until we return.

Six Impossible Things prophecy and interpretation

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