Songbird Manor (Level 1 Air Manse)

Songbird Manor (Air Manse 1)

6L/9B external soak, 3L/6B internal soak

20 levels of damage before Power Failure

Description: Tucked away in a disused and overlooked neighborhood on the edge of the Nighthammer district, Songbird Manor is little more than a echoing space filled with light and noise. Birds find it particularly habitable, and while the manse cleans up after them they are still a vocal presence within it. Designed as a monastic retreat, it is a fine place to practice patience and meditation among chaos, but not an ideal home. The manse is filled with birdsong, steady wind, and hung all around with glittering crystal chimes that clash and ring constantly. The Archive is accessed verbally and the manse will speak to the hearthstone bearer clearly even amid the noise and song.

Hearthstone: Jewel of the Flying Heart (p. 85, BoS 3) – This blood red triangular stone increases the bearer’s Dodge DV by 1. (This applies to the final total, not the pool). Setting the hearthstone into an edged weapon also adds +1 to all Melee attacks the bearer makes with this weapon.

4 construction points (rating x 2 + 2 drawback)

Maintenance – X
Fragility – 1 (While the manse itself is sturdy, the various crystal chimes make tempting targets.)
Habitability – 1 (Songbird Manor, like the others in its network, is intended as a monastic retreat and workspace. It is a bare stone space filled with whispering stories, clashing crystal wind chimes and birdsong. The manor has numerous openings to funnel air through hanging crystal chimes, and the constant jangling clash makes for a distracting environment in the long term.)


Network Node (1) – Songbird Manor is linked to other manses through this power.

Mela’s Sweet Whispers (1 due to Air aspect) – The manse can read back any record in the Archive, as well as access the bonefire memory of Bonefire Court and relate any story it knows through the Network Node. Likewise, Bonefire Court can access and display all information contained within Songbird Manor’s Archive.

Archive (2) – Songbird Manor has an extensive archive on Geography (Lore) and Realm Geneaology and Politics (Lore). These grant a +1 specialty die when performing rolls involving these subjects in this manse. These records are also accessible from the Central Control of Bonefire Court.

Songbird Manor (Level 1 Air Manse)

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