Sorcerer of Adamant research

Throughout many incarnations, this Twilight-caste Exalt exhibited unparalleled skill. An artisan who could craft the most fabulous and subtle wonders, a battlemage of courage and skill, and a sorcerer of frightening intellect.

It was he who led the charge at the Battle of Three Bridges. Backed by his demon legion he beat back the wyld-warped Broken Jackal and his barbarians. This Exaltation is also credited with turning the tide in the Door of Tears scandal, unmasking the traitor and would-be assassin Khan Rhama and holding him at bay single handed until Deliberative security could arrive.

He is also credited with the original plans for the Titan-class vessels. In recognition of this he was given command of the first Titan-class skyship to be completed. Unsatisfied with the design, he continued to improve his Titan, such as upgrading its defensive weaponry, armor, and installing a security door in the command center. This so-called “Fivefold Door” is itself a marvel of magitechnical engineering: it is immune to all charms and spells designed to bypass doors and locks, virtually immune to physical damage, and locked to only open to the Sorcerer of Adamant. He never revealed the full schematics to unlock the door, but one apprentice revealed that it at least responds to his totemic anima display, a complicated key and a series of passwords.

He was not without his eccentricities, however. While he was capable of amazing wonders of occult craftsmanship, he was known to travel everywhere with a Folding Servant that he created for himself when he was barely a year out from his Exaltation. This attachment to his childhood marked him as odd among the heroes of the Deliberative. He is also one of the few who pressed property beyond the veil and maintained holdings Elsewhere.

Images of him show a young man, dark hair and large, inquisitive eyes. His robes are white and gold, and he is often shown flanked by bound demon servitors. His Folding Servant is often depicted, and curiously he also appears to carry two weapons. He appears often with an orichalcum seven section staff, as well as a simple jade mace attached to his belt. One image captures him at full totemic burn, staff a golden blur as it seems to cut right through a demon, his other hand clutching a ball of coruscating fire ready to throw. His totem display shows a spray of autumn leaves blowing in the wind and burning to red-gold brilliance as they reach the edge of his anima. He was killed by Gold-Shadowed Arrow late in the First Age and was entombed, with honors, in Sijan.

Sorcerer of Adamant research

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