Tanglewood Hollow (Level 3 Wood Manse)

Tanglewood Hall (Wood Manse 3)

12L/18B external soak, 6L/12B internal soak
60 levels of damage before Power Failure

Description: Nestled deep amid the roots of a massive tree dominating a park in the Bastion district of Nexus is Tanglewood Hollow. Constructed for a skilled archer of the Immaculate Order, Tanglewood Hall is an archer’s dream, if not a comfortable home. The Immaculate monk who formerly bore the hearthstone used it as a training hall and a monastic retreat, but in times of need it could provide for an entire sworn brotherhood (or circle). The manse itself is a series of natural caverns covered in the snaking roots of the massive tree that grows above the manse. Fed by the wood essence, it has grown huge and healthy, and is a local landmark.

Hearthstone: Gladestalker’s Stone (p. 100, BoS 3) – This deep red cabochon, when set into a powerbow, adds 3 dice to the weapon’s Accuracy and 3 dice to its Damage.

8 construction points (rating x 2 + 2 drawback)
Maintenance – X
Fragility – X
Habitability – 2 (Tanglewood Hall is open to the elements in many ways. Like the other manses in this network, it is a workspace and monastic retreat rather than living space.)

Network Node (1) – Tanglewood Hall is linked to other manses through this power.

Archive (2) – Encoded in the twisting roots and flowering plants of the Hall is a massive archive on many topics historical, aesthetic and architectural. The Hall carries records and images of all forms of Art and Performance (Lore/Perform), Realm History (Lore), and Architecture (Occult). These act as +1 specialties for the appropriate research rolls. These records are accessible from the Central Control in the form of mosaic screens dozens of feet across composed of blooming flowers. These records are also accessible from the Central Control of Bonefire Court.

Central Control (2) – This control room allows attuned users to access and control the functions of Tanglewood Hall.

Provider (2 due to Wood aspect) – The many plants of Tanglewood Hall provide nourishment. Rain is filtered and collected in pools purified by intricate root systems, air is kept free of toxins and refreshed with gentle floral scents. The fruits and small game animals attracted to the plants can keep a small community alive indefinitely.

Magical Convenience (1) – Minor magical touches that do not qualify as full powers.

Archery Range – As the hearthstone implies, this manse was created with a master archer in mind. There is a long hall deep in the tangled roots of the manse where ranged combatants can sharpen their skills. The roots writhe and twist based on settings in the Central Control, and can provide various cover, terrain, and moving targets. The manse also provides any type of arrow needed, and absorbs these shafts back into its substance an hour after fired. These shafts will crumble away if taken out of the manse.

Aesthetically Pleasing – The manse can draw on any works of art within its Archive and display them on any surface.

Natural Light – Tanglewood Hall abhors fire, but has no problem with sunlight. The Hall collects sunlight during the day and directs it to any inhabited rooms. Rooms can be darkened manually by twisting a certain jade root segment in each room.

Tanglewood Hollow (Level 3 Wood Manse)

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