The Sorcerer of Adamant's Advance

Appearing suddenly out of the East, the Sorcerer of Adamant, commanding a Titan-class vessel, has cut an inexorable swath across Creation.

The Seventh Legion, based in Lookshy, seems to be the only force on the mainland that has a chance, and he knows it. His path of conquest has run in almost a straight line toward Lookshy and shows no sigh of slowing. The Seventh Legion, for their part, has deployed as far from the city as is practical, knowing that should he manage to secure the airspace over the city itself then the war will be over. The brave Exalted of the Seventh Legion have hit the Titan of the East again and again, slowing but never quite stopping its advance. Their victories have been few and bittersweet.

At the Battle of Dragon’s Ford they managed to force the Titan to withdraw for three days after the 21st Wing sacrificed itself to destroy the cannons along the southern face, opening up the way for the commandos of the Mud Boot Battalion to land. The fighting lasted six hours before communication was finally lost with the Mud Boot Battalion.

When the Titan came to a stop over the village of Three Walls, Tepet Akane, the only surviving officer of the Snapdragon Company disobeyed orders and stayed to evacuate civilians from the doomed village. At her memorial service twenty five civilians were present to sing her dirge who otherwise would have died in the blast from the Eye of Judgement.

One of the Seventh Legion’s main supply routes was through the trade town of Green Bottle. Showing the typical disdain of the Anathema, the Titan sailed past without bothering to lay siege. Only after it had passed and the quartermasters of the Legion had breathed a sigh of relief did the demons descend in force from the Titan. The snipers of the Firebrand Irregulars and the archers of the 5th Regiment managed to repel the first wave of Agata-mounted demons. Unfortunately, the subsequent attack overwhelmed the town’s defenders. Their sacrifice allowed for the evacuation of roughly half the supplies from the town’s stockpiles. The town’s final defenders were recorded with honor on the roll of heroes in Lookshy.

In short, the Seventh Legion is suffering atrocious losses. Current estimates place the loss of regular troops at more than 2,000, Exalted losses upwards of 100 and an almost incalculable loss in terms of magitech vehicles and artifacts. And unfortunately the analysis of your spies seems to indicate that the only reason their losses are not much greater is because they have had very few pitched battles. Their focus on guerrilla tactics is the only thing keeping their losses at merely “atrocious” rather than “total”.

Lookshy has petitioned the Confederation of Rivers for aid, but most of the city states are still depleted from their battles against Mask of Winters just a few short years ago. Your spies estimate that, at the current rate, the Sorcerer of Adamant will be in position to fire (or at least threaten to fire) the Eye of Judgement at Lookshy in just a few months. Of course by then the Seventh Legion will already be effectively destroyed and he may simply occupy the city rather than obliterating it.

The Sorcerer of Adamant's Advance

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