Combat Action Summary

Combat Actions – p. 143 Exalted core

Aim (Speed 3 / -1 DV) – Declare target (may be animate or inanimate). DV does not refresh at the end of the Aim cycle. If Aim cycle is completed, character may attack the declared target with 3 dice. Character may continue to Aim at no further DV penalty or dice bonus (e.g. to cover a target, to continue to threaten an enemy, etc). Character may abort Aim and attack (no DV refresh) at any time to gain bonus dice equal to ticks passed (3 for a full cycle, less if aborted before the Aim action was complete)

Move (Speed 0 / -0 DV) – Character sprints up to Dexterity yards (5’ squares) over land. Wound penalties subtract directly from this action, as does armor mobility penalties. This value cannot drop below a speed of one yard (square) per tick. Move is a reflexive action and requires no roll unless the terrain is particularly difficult. The only restriction is the character cannot Move and Dash on the same tick. Climbing or Swimming halves (rounded down) the movement rate, and usually requires a Dex + Athletics roll to avoid mishap.

Dash (Speed 3 / -2 DV) – The character runs flat out, ignoring all other considerations (such as other actions or defense). The character moves at Dex + 6 yards (5’ squares) per tick, subtracting wound penalties and armor mobility directly as with standard Move actions. The character suffers a -2 DV and cannot parry at all without a stunt or magical assistance. Dashing is normally accomplished without a roll, but may call for a Dex + Athletics roll for particularly treacherous terrain. Dashing while Climbing or Swimming is done at Dex yards (squares) per tick. Dash may not be part of a Flurry.

Attack (Speed per weapon / -1 DV) – A single, standard attack against one opponent.

Flurry (Speed per weapon or action / -1 DV per action) – The character launches a series of blows or otherwise performs multiple actions on a single tick. Characters may draw their weapon at the beginning of a Flurry at the cost of -1 DV. Barring the aid of magic, this action imposes the standard multiple action penalties (-1 for each action to the first action, -1 additional per each action thereafter (ex: -3 for first, -4 for second, -5 for third)). The speed of a Flurry is equal to the highest speed of any action in the Flurry. Chracters may abort the Flurry if an action becomes invalid (e.g. opponent is killed with the first blow) but all subsequent actions are aborted (e.g. a character may not abort a flurry that was “attack, attack, pick lock” after the first attack and still pick the lock). Characters’ DV is only penalized for actions they actually took. Dash may not be part of a Flurry.

Guard (Speed 3 / -0 DV) – The character focuses on defense. This action does not penalize her DV. Characters may abort their Guard action at any time, however aborting to another action does not refresh their DV. (e.g. A character attacked several times may suffer an Onslaught penalty. The character may not immediately abort a Guard action to refresh her DV several ticks early.)

Activate Charm (Speed varies / DV varies) – Per charm type:
Reflexive – Characters may activate a reflexive charm on any tick, provided they have not activated a charm since before the tick they took their last action. Characters may activate the same reflexive charm multiple times on the same tick if necessary.
Supplemental – Characters may only activate a supplemental charm on a tick where they may take an action. The same supplemental charm can be activated multiple times within a Flurry, but only up to the number of actions within the Flurry the charm can modify.
Extra Action – Characters can only use an Extra Action charm on a tick that they can take an action, and cannot activate an Extra Action charm more than once per tick. Furthermore characters cannot take any other actions besides those granted by the Extra Action charm (including actions performed as part of a non-magical Flurry).
Simple – These charms constitute an action unto themselves, so Simple charms are the sole action for the character on the tick the character acts on. Unless otherwise stated by the charm, Simple charms have a Speed of 6. Characters cannot activate the charm more than once per tick, nor can the character perform any non-reflexive action.
Combos – see p. 244 of the Exalted core book.

Inactive (Speed 5 / Special DV rules) – Character is unconscious or otherwise helpless (tied up, magically commanded to hold still, tripping on a wyld-tainted mushroom, etc). DV of any inactive character is 0 as inactive characters cannot defend themselves. Characters who are inactive can act on the next tick is the condition causing the inactivity ends (released from ropes, sorcerer killed, antidote administered, etc).

Miscellaneous Action (Speed 5 / ST determines –DV) – Any action that does not fit neatly into the other categories falls here. Specific Miscellaneous actions below:

Join Battle (-0 DV) – p. 143 – 144 Characters enter battle by rolling Wits + Awareness. The highest number of successes from any character is the Reaction Count. The speed of the First Action of any character is equal to the (reaction count – Join Battle successes), maximum of 6. Joining Battle after the combat has begun follows the same rules (i.e. the character’s first action is a variable speed Join Battle action, then the character may act normally).

Drawing and Readying Weapons (-1 DV) – This action imposes multiple action penalties as usual. Flurries that contain only drawing and attacking with a weapon use the weapon’s speed, rather than Speed 5 of a Miscellaneous Action.

Rising from Prone (-1 DV) – This action imposes multiple action penalties as usual.

Jumping (-1 DV) – see p. 127-128. This action imposes multiple action penalties as usual. Only one Jump action may be part of a Flurry (i.e. characters may not use Jump to quickly leapfrog across a battlefield on a single tick). Characters can perform acrobatics and jumps that do not vault obstacles as part of a normal Move or Dash action.

Combat Action Summary

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