House Rules

Backgrounds with XP:

Purchasing backgrounds is possible, provided you give the ST a good enough reason (ideally in writing). Backgrounds move in single step increments and cost [desired level] in XP. (so for example Followers 0 to 1 costs 1 point. Followers 4 to 5 costs 5.) The total cost to raise one background from 0 to 5 is 15xp.


Followers are purchased with xp, so are as much a stat as a character’s Strength. Followers killed or otherwise lost will not come back to life, but new followers will gather around the character over time. This happens at a speed entirely determined by the ST, but is most likely “when you finish the major plot point you are working on and check back in at your manse”. The ST reserves the right to remove Followers if they are squandered, treated badly or sacrificed pointlessly. (or sacrificed literally, for that matter.)


Ranged soulsteel weapons do not siphon essence like their melee counterparts except when aided by charms.

Flamewands, flamepieces and combustion:

Unless incorporated into a stunt (and therefore explicitly approved by the ST), flamewand and flamepiece attacks and ammunition burn too fast to ignite anything flammable.

Archery clarifications:

Certain Archery charms work differently with flamewands and flamepieces.

There is No Wind – The first function of this charm is applicable to flamewands and flamepieces. The second feature (the Essence 3+ ability) explicitly does NOT work with flamewands and flamepieces. These weapons have an absolute range and this cannot be extended.

Trance of Unhesitating Speed – The text of this charm is modified to read “weapons with a rate of 1 or less”, not as written (“less than 1”). This means crossbows, flamewands and flamepieces all must pay extra to use this charm.

Phantom Arrow and Glorious Golden Bow – these function only with bows and arrows. There are flamewand and flamepiece equivalents, positioned in the same place on the tree.

Rain of Feathered Death – functions with flamewands and flamepieces, but it is expensive due to the high cost of ammunition for these weapons.

House Rules

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