The Risen Sun

Kireeki-class assault skyreme (p. 50, Books of Sorcery 1)
Repair 5

Named for the goddess of ocean predators, the Kireeki-class resembles nothing so much as a sleek seagoing predator. Designed as an urban pacification and mobile assault platform, the Kireeki-class skyreme is 100 yards long and has officer’s quarters, a small galley, barracks for up to two scales of elite soldiers and a large hold that can carry cargo or convert to a temporary barracks for short-range troop deployment.

Speed 68/140mph
Maneuverability: -1S (Lore 3, Sail 3)
Endurance: 3 level 3+ hearthstones must be plugged into the bridge consoles. A minimum of 5 essence channelers are required to fly the ship, and each must commit 3 motes to their control station during flight.

Maintenance: After the skyreme has operated for 3 cumulative hours without maintenance, it suffers one level of unsoakable bashing damage. This minor damage can be repaired in flight (Repair 2). After 100 cumulative hours of operation without spending a day in dry dock it suffers more significant and expensive breakdowns, taking one unsoakable lethal per hour of continued use.

Crew: 20 (best) / 5 (minimum) (Command crew: Lore 3, Sail 3; Auxiliary crew: Lore 1, sail 2)

Cargo: Two scales (25 soldiers) of commandos plus one wing (250 soldiers) of infantry or equivalently weighted cargo. External tethers can hold up to eight warstriders or equivalent, though such cargo only has 25% cover.

Armor: 35B/25L soak, 2B/2L hardness (38B/28L soak and 3B/3L hardness vs purely essence based attacks)

Health levels: Ux40/Mx30/Cx10/Ix10/D

Weapons: there are mounts for two lightning ballistae (fore and aft), four medium implosion bows (one each fore, aft, port and starboard), five light implosion bows (mounted on swivel turrets along the rail), two warstrider fire lances (both mounts fore), and a skyship haze shield (mount on the bridge). Currently the Glass Cannon is installed in one of the medium implosion bow slots.

Notes: Passengers can open slits in the cargo hold to fire ranged weapons from within. Such characters have 75% cover.

Kireeki-class vessels can unfortunately only land in special hangars made to support their fins. Without such a dock they must land in a sufficiently deep body of water or not at all. Their hulls float and they can serve as slow and ungainly boats (Speed: 10/20 mph, Maneuverability: -5)

Upgrades – the circle has modified the Risen Sun with a few personal touches:

The Heart (Repair 2) – The key that allows the Risen Sun to function. Currently slotted into the control console. Removing this would prevent the ship from functioning.

Glass Cannon – Won from the Lady Light for a commanding understanding of trivial knowledge at the Wandering Games. It appears to be a powerful essence cannon crafted entirely from crystal, cobwebs and spite. System: This medium essence cannon requires either a two man fire team to use, or to be mounted on a vehicle or permanent structure.
Speed: 5
Accuracy: +1
Damage: 23B piercing
Rate: 1
Range: 150
5m to attune, 8m to fire, or 0m/0m if a level 3 hearthstone is installed
Special: Man sized targets struck must make a reflexive Dex or Stamina + Athletics check, difficulty 3. Failure means the target is knocked 3 yards back. The difficulty rises to 5 for smaller creatures, lowers to 1 for up to horse sized creatures. Anything bigger than that shrugs off the knockback with no effect.

Adamant Refusal – Won from the Lord Dark for riddling well at the Wandering Games. The Refusal appears to be armor plates made of adamant, crystal and jade and are suitable for installation on a vehicle. System: adds 5B/5L soak, 2B/2L hardness, as well as an additional 3B/3L soak and 1B/1L hardness against purely essence based attacks as the prismatic armor refracts the essence of the attack harmlessly away. Special: The Adamant Refusal can be used as a one time perfect soak against any one attack, but this destroys the armor completely.

Patchwork Wasp Hive – The Patchwork Wasp Hive sends repair and maintenance drones whenever the skyship is damaged. As long as it is fed resources it will effectively maintain the ship in flight, and drastically speed up repairing battle damage.

The Risen Sun

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